Sri Lanka is Ready for Utility Scale Solar

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Ministry of Power &
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Ceylon Electricity
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Sri Lanka Sustainable
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The Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) has called for International Competitive Bids to develop sixty (60) individual 1 MWp Solar PV power plants on a Build Own & Operate (BOO) basis.

Utility scale solar investment opportunities in sri lanka

65,610 sq km beautiful tropical island with 20 million population who are renouned for their generosity and hospitality. Located under the equator (7.8731 N, 80.7718 E) which is best suitable location for solar energy generation.

Solar Irradiation:

  • Situated within equator band
  • Year around solar irradiation
  • Substantial potential in flat dry zones
  • Average Irradiation - 5.5 KWh/m2/day

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JLanka Technologies is well known as the premier solar provider in Sri Lanka, having won numerous awards nationally and internationally. With offices in every major urban area, JLanka can provide valuable connections and resources.

  • Established in 2010
  • Line of Business - Domestic, Commercial & Utility
  • Principals - SolarEdge and Trina Solar
  • Market Leader with 30% of market share
  • Team size 300+
  • Branch Network 14
  • Customer Base 2,200+
  • 14 National & International awards

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